Mika is a rare commodity – a truly original New Zealand Māori artist – an entertainer of decades of eye-poppingly innovative work spanning stage, film, television, fashion and music. His artistic achievements stand proudly alongside his philanthropic work through the Mika Haka Foundation, a charity organisation committed to keeping young New Zealand rangatahi (youth) active and healthy through physical culture and the performing arts.

Mika has been a continuous client, having worked together since early 2013. I have designed a whole array of things for him as both Mika the artist/entertainer, and for the Mika Haka Foundation. My primary focus has been rebranding both entities, updating their outdated looks and freshening them to the current design standards as well as photoshoot retouching and colour-grading his numerous personal shoots. I’ve created billboards, posters and flyers for shows that were placed around New Zealand, artwork for multiple of his albums and have also coded three websites during my time with him.

I’ve also designed numerous annual reports, audits and other legal documents for the Foundation. Because Mika is so successful overseas, I’ve created a lot of collateral for his work in cities such as Edinburgh, Los Angeles and New York.