A Little Bit About Me

My passion is to push the boundaries of androgyny. This stems from my addiction to both the music and fashion of pop culture and the way they meticulously combine together.

I take inspiration from the greatest of the greats: David Bowie, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga and Andy Warhol. I hope that my creative work will take me to great places and I promise to share my success with the world.
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Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, I graduated from Media Design School in 2012. A designer at heart and with five years experience working with print and digital media, my passion lies within this industry. I am an artistic and detail-oriented individual with a desire to make a difference, and enjoy being able to push the boundaries with my creative flair.

I believe that the key to creating great products, experiences and brands comes from understanding the client and their needs. My diverse skill-set and unique experiences allow me to come up with creative solutions that create perfect harmonies between form and function while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic standard.

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Business Cards Design

Web Design

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